• Faces in Brief

    Founded in 2010, Faces and Life Quality Foundation [Faces Foundation] [“Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida”] is a nonprofit organization dedicated to foment the wellbeing of mothers head of family, their sons and all indigents and/or member of a vulnerable group that requires assistance. In anticipation of achieving the much-desired peace in Colombia, we have enlarged our organic purpose to assist in the social fabric reconstruction of victims ousted from their homes and lands by the armed political conflict. In addition, provide them support during the post conflict period. Our assistance shall be provided within the normative framework of the law that benefits the communities affected and in accordance with the differential approaches.

    We are


    Margarita María Trejos Orozco

    Founder, President and Administrator of Faces Foundation. Born in Anserma, Caldas, Colombia. An entrepreneurial administrator, with a 30-year expertice in beauty, esthetic and glamour. Lived 15 years in the U.S.A., where she specialized in skin care and treatment, including psoriasis and acne;  beauty and temporary and permanent cosmetology;  health, nutrition; diets and good exercise habits; nails design and embellishment, and their therapeutic treatment; nine of the most coveted massage techniques; among others of equal importance. Her great human sensibility and collaboration with her fellow men, motivated her to organize in 2010 Faces Foundation, to which she devotes 100% of her time.

  • Our Objectives

    Are not easily accomplished...

    …but with the help of all of you, we little by little assist mothers head of family and indigents come out of their poverty. Convinced that is preferable to teach how to fish than give a fish to eat – as The Teacher of teachers taught us two thousand or so years ago – we gear our assistance to teach how to live, to achieve auto sufficiency learning and performing a suitable trade according to each person labor ability and preference. We provide training with auto didactic manicure courses for people that desire to study that beautiful and well paid art. We teach clothes design and machine sewing with a three-fold purpose: assisting people to make their own clothes and that of their family and pears – school uniforms, dresses, etc., - while, at the same time, offer the service to their community to derive an honest livelihood, and finally the most important reason, to help people assume discipline, personal pride and auto sufficiency.

    The chore is arduous, it requires time and much resources. None the less, the accomplishments make us proud of our work and sacrifice, qand nurture our desire to continue on. Your help is indispensable and our most valued allied to achieve our goals. Presently, we need funding to produce a second tier of approx. two thousand units of the Feminine & Masculine Spa Manicure Course to distribute totally free among mothers head of family. This valuable and practical audiovisual course, in DVD format, in full color, lasts approx. 30 minutes, teaches step-by-step the process for embellishing ladies and gentlemen nails, has a production, shipping and handling costs of USD$20.00 per unit.

    ...how do we accomplish it?

  • Programs

    Programs Selection Process

    Studies on the conditions of Colombian mothers head of family and indigents, point as areas of assistance to improve the conditions of said segments to be nourishment and trainning for income generation. Their present conditions contribute to famine, undernourishment, low IQ, sickness, among other circunstances of human detriment. Said deficiencies turn in a never-ending cycle due to inadequate nourishment, poor developing assistance, and lack of basic, technical and academic education. Thus, Faces Foundation main purpose is to assist to mitigate these conditions, at the same time that basic and important collateral results, such as a sense of pride and auto sufficiency, are achieved.

    Faces Foundation provides short term practical training, in techniques of services in high demand. These include, clothes design, dressmaking and sewing; nail embellishment, among others just as important. All, to assist our objective segment perform an occupation that affords economic independence and self sufficiency. Other Faces Foundation’s educational strategy is the hygienic preparation of low cost and high nutritional value edibles. Thus, providing healthy conditions, reduce or prevent illnesses and contribute to the physical and intellectual development of our object sectors.

    Programs Portfolio

    The Universe of Our Programs

    The conception, development and execution of the programs we implement are upmost based on the necessity of human development vis-a-vis the profound condition of our objective segment. Secondly, due to their faster and efficient results yield compared to programs that atend other areas of necessity of our object sectors, such as drug-addiction and physical impediment rehabilitations cases. We divide the programs in two groups, namely, Programs in Execution and Projected Programs, as follows:


  • Hungry






  • Donations

    Important Tax Considerations!

    As a fully registered none profit institution, Faces Foundation is authorized to and in effect issues valid donation certificates evidencing contributions received. Said certificates are accepted as deductible expenses by tax legislation of most countries around the world; thus, give generously!

    In search of a kind hand…

    Faced with the abysmal needs of our objective vulnerable sector, despite the work disposition and sacrifices made by Faces Foundation, is not enough to reach our goals. We depend on the generous will of persons like you. Faces Foundation is subscribed to the Presidential Agency for Social Action and Cooperation of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia. This fact guarantees prospect donors that Faces Foundation is a nonprofit organization, properly registered and serious in its purpose. In this Web site “Programs” link, we show our projects portfolio. We list programs in their execution and planned stages. In addition, projects in urgent need of financial help are summarized. You may donate to specific projects or for general use. If, upon donating, you do not indicate a project preference, Faces Foundation shall use your support to finance programs within its portfolio, based on their pre-assigned priority. With our hands over our heart, we most courteously solicit you to contribute, any amount you may effortlessly depart of and feel comfortable giving - a onetime support or reiterative in time - to help those mothers and indigents that so much need it. A thousand thanks for helping us help.

    Banks Routes and Accounts

    Your donation may be made in various types of currencies. Below, we provide information on banks, transfer codes and account numbers necessary for the reception of your support; beforehand, for which we are much obliged to you. May God repay and bless you!:


  • Where to Contact us?

    Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida

    Margarita María Trejos Orozco

    Oficina A-203
    Avenida 3ra Norte # 37 N - 84
    Santiago de Cali, Colombia
    EMail: We'll be back. Our email is being
    hacked by unscrupulous hoodlums; please call us instead.

    Tel. Int´l: +1.3058313072
    Tel. CO : +057.0923731830

    Dora Luz Camacho de Rojas

    735 Country Woods Circle
    Kissimmee, FL, 34744, U.S.A.
    EMail: We'll be back. Our email is being
    hacked by unscrupulous hoodlums; call us instead.

    Tel. FLA: +1.3214376168
    Tel. FLA: +1.4073507807

    Here we are!...


    Contact us! Please.

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  • We are…

    Dora Luz Camacho de Rojas

    Vice President, and Assistant Administrator in charge of the Miami, Florida, U.S.A. branch of Faces Foundation. Born in Medellin, Colombia, for the last 17 years residing in the U.S.A. Entrepreneurial administrator by nature, with an Associate Degree in Arts from the Miami Dade Community College, she is certified in Food and Nutrition Education and as Nursing Assistant. Made of the same charitable and sensible humane ingredients by all shared in Faces Foundation, holds a close friendship with Margarita María, whom she has known for 20 years. In 2010, decided to place all her knowledge and experience to the service of vulnerable classes by assuming Faces Foundation's Vice Presidency. Fundraising for financing specific program requirements, and the general financial solvency of Faces Foundation are her main responsibilities in the U.S.A. Dora assumes, on equal grounds with Margarita María, the areas of responsibility, conceptualization, logistic and execution of all aspects related to Faces Foundation.

  • Programs Portfolio

    The Universe of Our Programs ...continued

    Programs in Execution

    Assistance to mothers head of families

    This program is one of Faces Foundation’s pillars for it provides a very special and important social value. A mother head of family is the household backbone. She teaches offsprings, prepares edibles, takes care of domestic matters and general family needs. More over, provides and manages household income. The picture on the left shows mothers head of family learning to sew.

    Labor and occupational training

    Mothers head of family do not have a spouse / partner and entirely support the household and offsprings. It's imperative to prepare them to do remunerable chores.  Also,  prevent  them becom-
    ing vagrants, beg, abandon or set bad examples to their offsprings; or what is just as bad, dedicate themselves to steal or to prostitution. The photo on the left shows the manicure course that we give totally free to mothers head of family.


  • Donations


    • Donations in dollars (USD$)
    • Intermediary bank: Citibank, New York, N.Y. Swift Code: CITIUS33. ABA: 021000089. Beneficiary’s Bank: Helm Bank, S.A. Swift Code: BCTOCOBB. Account: 10953817. Beneficiary: "Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida”. Cuenta: 301-37170-6.

    • Donations in Euros (EUR€)
    • Intermediary Bank: Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt. Swift Code: DEUTDEFF, IBAN: DE35500700100951306000, Beneficiary’s Bank: Helm Bank, S.A. Swift Code: BCTOCOBB, Account: 100951306000, Beneficiary: "Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida”. Account: 301-37170-6.

    • Donations in Sterling Pounds (GBP£)
    • Intermediary Bank: Barclays Bank PLC, London. Swift Code: BARCGB22. Beneficiary’s Bank: Helm Bank, S.A. Swift Code: BCTOCOBB. Account: 20325370259241. Beneficiary: "Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida”. Account: 301-37170-6.

    • Donations in Suisse Francs (CHF)
    • Intermediary Bank: Credit Suisse First Boston, Zurich. Swift Code: CRESCHZZ80A. Beneficiary’s Bank: Helm Bank, S. A. Swift Code: BCTOCOBB. Account: 08350957148-43-000. Beneficiary: "Fundación Rostros y Calidad de Vida”. Account: 301-37170-6.

    • Donation in nature
    • Using the link "Contact us" of this Web site write to us about the details of your donation in nature. Once the type of your support is established, we’ll inform you of the most practical, expeditious and economical way to send it to our office.

    • Donations in the use of facilities, premises and/or spaces
    • We urge receiving outright donation of real estate and/or its use suitable for conducting social activities such as dances, bingos, banquets, fundraising campaigns and to deposit items and effects received and to be received in donation. In addition, we welcome outright donation or the use of furniture, items and effects that we may use in the above described activities. Please contact our office using the “Contact” link on this Web site, and inform us the details of your support, and to concert a visit to see and accept the spaces and/or their use that we agree to received in donation.

  • Programs in Execution


    Health is to think, cook and eat healthy

    Conditions inherent to poverty are: hunger, illnesses and lack of health coverage to cure them, and unemployment for lack of education or a trade. Our Programs in Execution attempts to improve family health among indigents. We teach them to cook and eat healthy, while incorporating good hygiene standards to advocate good health and thus prevent illnesses.

    Projected Programs

    Projected programs are...

    Personal Hygiene Education, Couples’ interpersonal relationship and, last but not least, Orientation and reference to good health. These programs have been designed and are contemplated within our projects for they contribute to people’s good health and propitiate rational relations among people, more love, tolerance and cohesiveness among couples. Thus, reducing the number of abandoned women incline to joint the legion of mothers head of family. At this moment, none of these three projected programs have assigned budgets. They will be individually or collectively activated when our finances allows it or we receive specific donations for them.


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